Sustainable Farming Practices: A Review of Recent Innovations and their Impact on Crop Production


  • Muhammad Saleem Institute of Agriculture Extension, Education and Rural Development, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Luqman Department of Agriculture, University of Swabi, Swabi 23561, Pakistan
  • Bushra Abid Department of Botany, Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan



Sustainable, farming, agronomy, precision, conversation, agroecology, soil health.


This comprehensive review paper examines the recent innovations in sustainable farming practices and their impact on crop production. The paper provides an overview of key concepts and principles underlying sustainable farming practices, including organic farming, precision agriculture, conservation agriculture, and agroecology. It explores the innovations within each practice and discusses their benefits in terms of soil health, resource management, pest and disease control, and ecosystem services. The review further investigates the impacts of sustainable farming practices on crop production, highlighting their positive effects on productivity, yield stability, soil fertility, and nutrient management. It discusses the resilience of crops to climate variability and environmental stresses, as well as the environmental sustainability and conservation of natural resources promoted by these practices. Challenges and limitations in the adoption of sustainable farming practices are also addressed, including knowledge gaps, economic constraints, social and cultural factors, and the need for scaling up and policy support. The paper emphasizes the importance of bridging knowledge gaps, providing financial incentives, strengthening market access, addressing social and cultural barriers, and promoting supportive policies to overcome these challenges.


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